The Lost World Gallery
Marguerite Krux


The beautiful and enigmatic Miss Krux walked in off of the streets of London into the Royal Zoological Society and offered to fund the entire Challenger expedition on the condition that she be allowed to go along.  It soon becomes apparent that Miss Krux is not your average London society girl.  She is an expert in linguistics and much to the surprise of the male members of the expedition, Miss Krux can handle weapons with the best of them.  To her fellow adventurers, it seems that her only reason for going on the expedition is to obtain jewels and other treasure, but Marguerite's real reason for going is a secret known only to her.  Little does she know that her real reason for traveling to the plateau will become insignificant compared to what she actually finds there. 
On a more personal note, Miss Krux was adopted at an early age and never knew her real parents.