The Other Side of the Autograph Table


A lot of us have gotten our DVDs by now and have had a chance to reminisce over the convention footage.  I'm sure it brought back fond memories for those of you who were able to attend, and it let those of us unable to attend see a little of what went on.  Presented here for your reading enjoyment, is a little tale by a con attendee of what might have went on behind the autograph table...

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by Star

What were Will, Jen and David saying to each other on Sunday afternoon? I have no idea but maybe parts of the day went like this!

Gar and Judy looked down the table at the relaxed and confident actors, happily chatting away.  Clearing his throat, Gar got their attention.

"Now remember what we told you all earlier.  Are you ready for this, are you all prepared?"

David rolled his eyes.  " sweat."

Jennifer waved her hand.  "Sure - no problem."

"A walk in the park," answered Will as he adjusted his sunglasses.

Judy and Gar gave each other a knowing look.  "You can't say you never warned them, honey," sighed Judy.


The doors opened and the sound of excited chatter and giggles suddenly stopped...silence, you could hear a pin drop...a second later the giggling and hysteria became a deafening roar.  A slight feeling of trepidation passed through Will, Jen and David.

"Hello, would you please sign this for me?" said the first lady in line.  As Judy and Gar signed the script they had wrote for the Convention she quickly placed photo's down the line and asked the same question of the others.

"Thank you so much," she gushed as she picked up her prized possessions.

"Well that was easy," said Will with a devilish smile.

A couple of minutes later the line gathered closer and flash bulbs popped.  As Will was having his photo taken with probably the most loyal and fervent fan of "The Lost World," David and Jen were trying to answer what seemed like a million questions.  Hoping they were getting all the names right, trying not to sign their names as if a spider had crawled across the picture.  Jumping up and down for anyone who asked for a photograph.  All three cast a glance at Judy and Gar who looked so calm and confident, hoping they looked the same too.

"My hands hurting Judy," said David as he signed another cast picture.  Judy smiled and stroked his arm.  "Never mind, David, only sixty or so more to go," she laughed.

Will dropped back into his chair and signed another picture of himself, one from Season One.  Struth! Look at the state of my hair! he thought.  He handed it back and a quiet voice piped, "Please, Mr. Snow, would you mind having a photograph taken with me?"

"No problem."  As he untangled his long legs from around the chair he leaned back into Jen.  "You know this is fun!"

"...I've seen that thigh before..."

David grinned as he watched Will's face when he was asked to sign someone's thigh.

"Hmmm, now why didn't that phase you David?" queried Jen.

"Ah well, I've seen that thigh before," he answered with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

"Bloody Hell!"

Jen turned to see a strange look on Will's face.  "What happened?"

Will and the infamous "finger reader"

"Some crazy woman wanted to know what was on my T-shirt and apparently they read with their fingers in England!!"

Jen looked alarmed as she detected a slight quiver in his voice.  "What did she do?"

"She touched me."

"Are you alright?"

Will felt his skin where the woman had placed her fingers and a broad grin spread across his face.  "Actually I'm more than alright."  Running his hand across his chest he murmured, "In fact I'm feeling pretty good."

"Down boy," smirked David.

"Whoa there a second."  Jen was confused.  "Why did you sound so panicked?"

"Panicked?  Oh, I thought she was trying to take my glasses."  Will absently stroked his sunglasses.  "I love these.  They're my favourite pair."

"Kim buy you them, Will?" asked Jen.

"No," sniggered David.  "Rach did."

David heard Will grunt as he sat down.  "What's wrong?"

"I think my knee's about to lock with all this getting up and down for photos."

"Oh poor you," mumbled David.

"It's not my fault I'm sat on the end," said Will pulling a face.  "Anyway, you've been up and down all afternoon as well."

"Huh!  Like maybe one to your every four, William."

"And what about yesterday, David, or should I say Mr. Brother in Arms!"

"Boys!"  Jen kicked them both under the table while serenely smiling for one of her adoring male fans.

"Oh, Jennifer, could I please have a picture taken with you.  You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life."

"Sure you can.  I'll be delighted.  What an adorable accent you have."

As Jen stood up Will and David glanced at each other wrinkled their noses and mouthed
What an adorable accent you have .

A loud shriek was heard.

"Noo, I don't want my picture took!" yelled a lady digging her heels into the carpet as she was being pulled along the floor towards Will.

"Must be that Roxton magic again, Will," whispered Jen in his ear as she slid into her chair.

David was fidgeting, his leg jigging away under the table. "Judy, Gar, will we be much longer?"

"As long as it takes, David," smiled Gar.  "Why?"

"Erm, I need the bathroom."

"It's all that coffee you drink," scolded Jen.

"Better tie a knot in it," snorted Will.

"Funny.  Man, I really need to go."

"A word of warning, David," said Will.  "I went earlier and there's some strange characters hanging around in there!"

"...THE HAT..."

Loud cheering and shouts of joy were suddenly heard.

"She's here."

"She made it."

"Oh my, she's got THE HAT!"

Will suddenly felt nervous, he knew what he had to do.  His mouth felt dry and he reached for a glass of water.  Gulping down the cool, clear liquid he told himself to stay calm, he'd be fine.

Settling back into his chair, his heartbeat getting back to it's regular rhythm, he stared, a wistful look on his face.

"Will...Will!" Jen gently shook his shoulder as David waved his hand in front of his face.

"Oh boy! I forgot how much I miss her." Will's voice sounded almost close to tears.

Will swivelled round to face Jen and David.  "Hey, do you think if I asked her she'd let me have it?"

"Maybe if you give her a long, lingering kiss," said Jen with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Good idea." Will started to rise.

David grabbed his arm and yanked him back.  "Sit down Will.  You have as much chance of getting that hat back as we have of getting a....."

"...Jen making four men very happy..."

"DAVID!" shouted Judy and Gar.

"What?  I was only going to say of getting a clear lane on the Santa Monica freeway!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Will and David as a flurry of flashes lit up the room and Jen shouted "Paparazzi!"

Will looked puzzled.  "What's going on?"

"Ah!  Our Jen is making four men very happy." grinned David.

Will and David stood and stretched their limbs as they watched the last of their excited, happy fans slowly and with a great deal of reluctance exit the room.

"Ready to go guys?" asked Gar.

Will, David and Jen looked around the now empty hall, taking everything in with sad expressions on their faces.

"Yeah, suppose so," they answered.

Leaving the building they talked about their day...

Did you see the one who....

She was cute....

I wanted to burst out laughing when....

She said WHAT??....

How many times?

Will...mate the hat's gone...

"...the goodie bags..."

Carrying their goodie bags as if they were Marguerite carrying the Crown Jewels...Will, David, Jen, Judy and Gar climbed into their cars laughing and happy after spending a great day with such great fans.

All five thinking...Could this day get any better...
(until next year)

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I would like very much to thank Star for allowing me to post her story. I would also like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for letting me use their pictures and their faces: Margie, Ryalin, Verned, Born In Oz, Abouttime, Saint, Alliecat, Antea, Cal Gal, Eva and Star. Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. Just let me know and I'll add your name to the list.